About Sayaw

Everyone experiences their own inner struggles.
Some people may not show it, some people carry their own burdens better.
People have begun to think that it is normal to NOT be happy.
That it's normal to hide their inner pain behind a mask.

But it's not.

The thing we want everyone to understand is that it is normal to experience these things,
That these feelings are part of all our lives.
And there is nothing wrong with struggling with our inner battles.

What is not normal is criticizing and belittling others for struggling.

We are all humans, part of one big community.
It may sound clichΓ© but, a part of one family,
Born of the same consciousness.

With that in mind,
I consider each and everyone of you as my own brothers and sisters,
And it would never, ever, cross my mind that I would want any of you to suffer,
And would especially not laugh and berate those who are suffering.

To all of you,
I hope you help us in creating a world where in people do not have to suffer,
And the first step to that is to tell others that it is normal to experience these things,
to help our brothers and sisters battle their inner demons,

and to inspire them to live a life wherein it is okay to be happy.

Sayaw, Manila.

Our Vision

A community wherein everyone embodies and represents our goal of living life to the fullest.

By helping others do the same through inspiring them,

showing it is possible to get through mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and other inner battles we face within.

Our mission

Inspire others by dancing through life.

By staying in the present moment,

Enjoying and savoring each moment of life, no matter how good or bad it may be.

In turn, helping others do the same.

Send us proof and we'll give you a 50% discount.

Are you clinically diagnosed with a mental illness?

send it at: sayawmanila@gmail.com

Hope you're doing okay. <3